Getting all your sports moments on video with an Action Camera like a GoPro.

It doesn’t matter what you do to exercise but with an action camera gadget like GoPro you can make it a lot more fun. This mini cameras have advanced throughout the years and now they are definitely little neat gadget that can bring a lot of fun with itself.

What is a GoPro camera

A GoPro is a video camera where you can also take pictures with. When you look at the right you see how they look. Most of you will already have seen a lot of those small cameras around because they are quiet popular at the moment. The camera is smaller than your hand. The GoPro HERO has been around for a while now but since not to long they became much more popular.

For what can you use them?

You may ask yourself where you can use this camera for and the answer is simple. Every moment that is dear to you and want to capture is good for a GoPro. The only moment where it wouldn’t be a good camera is for filming more than 2 hours. For this you should look at other cameras. Activities where you can use a GoPro for are: skiing, mountain biking, surfing, bike riding, festivals, parties, meetings, skateboarding and a lot more. The list would be to big just where it is ideal for. The quality that the GoPro HERO gives is probably greater than your screen can manage so don’t worry about the quality.

Newest GoPro series

The newest series of GoPro cameras was introduced on October 2014 and consists out of the GoPro HERO4 Black, HERO4 Silver and the GoPro HERO. The Black version is not black, but it is the best out of the bunch with the highest quality of filming. It is even possible to film 1080p videos in slow-motion (120 frames per second). The GoPro HERO is the budget version of the HERO4 series. This camera is around $150 so it is pretty cheap compared to the other 2. The Silver edition is a special GoPro camera because it comes with its own LCD display attached to the back. Making you able to watch your videos and photos directly from your GoPro. When you want a Black don’t worry about not being able to watch it because there is an App for connecting your camera with your phone or tablet. Making you able to watch it on those.

The GoPro camera is definitely a cool gadget to get your hands on. So look online or in your local camera shop to get one.