The Pain of a Broken iPhone Screen and What Can you Do about It?

Everyone who has a smartphone will recognize the problem. Your smartphone falls and the screen is broken. This problem is something almost every user has to deal with. When you screen breaks it’s not just ugly, but another problem is that your smartphone may stop working as effectively as it used to be and it may cause a limited view of what is on the screen. So we all hate this, and how can we prevent this from happening?

Repairing your Smartphone Screen

When your screen is broken there is a big advantage to repairing it. The advantages are just the opposite reasons of why a broken screen is awful. For repairing your screen you could try repairing it yourself, but that is tricky. It is best to let your screen be repaired by an expert so you are sure that it is done right and your phone doesn’t break down further.

Screen Protection

Basic scratches can come easily on your screen and those can become deeper as time passes. To avoid the regular scratches on your screen you can apply a screen protector. A screen protector is a piece of plastic that you put over the screen of your smartphone. When you apply it to the screen you need to make sure there is no air under it otherwise your screen doesn’t work as well as it should.

Cover for your phone

To avoid it from breaking your screen when it falls you can put your phone in a cover. The covers that are available have different materials. They come in silicone, wood, steal or hard plastic. Also the design of those covers varies a lot. So for every person there is a design that suits their style. The bad side of those covers is that the phone gets thicker and doesn’t lie in your hand as well as without one.

Stash it Safely

Leaving your phone on the edge of a table is not the smartest thing to do, the chance that it falls off is much greater than when you put it safe in a bowl. You see many people who stash their keys, wallet and phone in a bowl and with this you always know where your keys and phone are and when you put the bowl in a safe place the chance of your phone breaking inside your house are slim.


Having a phone with a broken screen can be really annoying. But when it is broken you can repair it yourself or by someone who does it for a living. To prevent your phone screen from breaking you can stash it safe, put a screen protector on it and put it in a cover.

The effect of the new age in Technology.

Humans have advanced over other animal spieces because they were smarter and start using tools. Those tools were used for making life more comfortable, getting more food and staying safe. That was the primary goal that we had back in the days. Nowadays we have different goals. We want to be successful in our jobs, want to start a family or help other people. But the tools we have didn’t stay the same. They advantaged mayerly within the years. Everyone now has a smartphone. And the phone isn’t only used for our primiary goals in life. It’s also made to kill the boring time and have fun with. This isn’t to bad on first sight but that isn’t just the case.

Fighting boredom.
In the past we had little time to be bored. We always were trying to make our lives a little easier everyday. Back in anchient times it was great if you have food enough for a month. Now we have bankaccounts that can support us for years. This makes us have a lot more free time. While we used our free time in the past for rituals, now we got phones and tablets. The goal of the makers of phones, tablets, computer games is to entertain us. The biggest problem we face with this is that we became more immune to those stimanlances every day or year. So we want to avoid the boredom again by getting something new and exciting. But when this excitement runs out we want to get another, and another. This spiral is a bad one because it interferes with our daily jobs. Because when the newest action shooter bores us. How can we do all the mediocre little tasks that are needed for getting to the expert level on something. You just don’t want to do them. They are boring so fuck them. Now you get it why the ongoing spiral of entertainment against boredom can mess with your long term life goals. So watching a movie isn’t bad but when you start the next movie and it’s less good you have to start looking for something better.


What you should get out of it.
The newest smartphone or smartwatch is a great piece of technology. But it has a side effect and you should conscious about this. It will let you handle boredom a little less good and kills the fun in little tasks that need to be done. So when you have a big goal that you want to accomplish it isn’t to usefull to spend 10-20 hours a week playing video games because those are definitely more exciting.

Smartwatches for Consumers

It can be a good solid well-known that there are smartwatches supplied to shoppers available nowadays. The sales and profits of smartwatches increase particularly slowly even though they’re some of the fresh items available on the market that are good. Smartwatches are a very revolutionary item which a large number of persons who like technologies will enjoy to find out in relation to. Information more when compared with the previous year has proved that individuals are nevertheless not shopping for as many smartwatches as they purchase clever phones which can be why they may be not as preferred as predicted. Sensible phones have much more attributes and elements in comparison to smartwatches which is why countless many people think that smartwatches won’t get as much interest in the customers as wise phones did.

One of the points that really need to be addressed with regards to advancements of smartwatches may be the design and style which has to be a lot more eye-catching to shoppers. The watch physique, arm strip and the watch skin would be the three parts of a watch which has a precise style. Samsung Gear S is one of the models of smartwatches which has been an amazing interest for consumers on the market following its release. Consumers and specialists have various opinions in regards to the watch physique of the Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch which has been released available. When consumers look for smartwatches they normally verify the body of the watch along with contemplate if it can be cool, fashionable or too heavy.

It’s a well-known fact that a big quantity of men and women all over the world are aware of smartwatches however usually do not would like to buy one mainly because they have too significant size for them. Apple watch is definitely extremely preferred by a lot of customers who make a decision to get smartwatches simply because Apple is known to be a brand that manufacturers top quality solutions. Watch strap is known as a essential element of the smartwatch that you are pertaining to to purchase because it ought to be fitting with all the outfit that you simply program to put on. Anytime you might be shopping for a equipment, you need to make confident that it will likely be functional and steady which can be precisely why Samsung Gear S smartwatch is definitely preferred by people who chose to get a smartwatch. Persons expect that smartwatches need to have touch monitors too compared to clever phones.

Selecting what smartwatch to purchase if you prefer one may take time although Motorola Moto 360 is known as a superb choice using a selection of attributes and notification alternatives. As a customer you would like the signal in your smartwatch to be rather painless to access and produce all of the material which you may possibly want from one look. The price tag of the Apple watch is definitely higher in comparison with other smartwatches on the market however , it comes with good quality. Applications are in huge quantities and wonderful selection when considering smartwatches which can be a terrific advantage for people who’re thinking concerning acquiring one related to sensible phones. The operating technique, the hardware plus the design of the smartwatches are several of the items that the makers must think of.

Getting all your sports moments on video with an Action Camera like a GoPro.

It doesn’t matter what you do to exercise but with an action camera gadget like GoPro you can make it a lot more fun. This mini cameras have advanced throughout the years and now they are definitely little neat gadget that can bring a lot of fun with itself.

What is a GoPro camera

A GoPro is a video camera where you can also take pictures with. When you look at the right you see how they look. Most of you will already have seen a lot of those small cameras around because they are quiet popular at the moment. The camera is smaller than your hand. The GoPro HERO has been around for a while now but since not to long they became much more popular.

For what can you use them?

You may ask yourself where you can use this camera for and the answer is simple. Every moment that is dear to you and want to capture is good for a GoPro. The only moment where it wouldn’t be a good camera is for filming more than 2 hours. For this you should look at other cameras. Activities where you can use a GoPro for are: skiing, mountain biking, surfing, bike riding, festivals, parties, meetings, skateboarding and a lot more. The list would be to big just where it is ideal for. The quality that the GoPro HERO gives is probably greater than your screen can manage so don’t worry about the quality.

Newest GoPro series

The newest series of GoPro cameras was introduced on October 2014 and consists out of the GoPro HERO4 Black, HERO4 Silver and the GoPro HERO. The Black version is not black, but it is the best out of the bunch with the highest quality of filming. It is even possible to film 1080p videos in slow-motion (120 frames per second). The GoPro HERO is the budget version of the HERO4 series. This camera is around $150 so it is pretty cheap compared to the other 2. The Silver edition is a special GoPro camera because it comes with its own LCD display attached to the back. Making you able to watch your videos and photos directly from your GoPro. When you want a Black don’t worry about not being able to watch it because there is an App for connecting your camera with your phone or tablet. Making you able to watch it on those.

The GoPro camera is definitely a cool gadget to get your hands on. So look online or in your local camera shop to get one.